Hilton Huzhou Nanxun, Zhejiang

Hotel / China / HBA Singapore & SOCIAL F+B / Completed in 2023


Hilton Huzhou Nanxun, epitomizing the vibrant spirit of Nanxun with the symbolic imagery of "the rising sun in the east, water surrounding the new city," is a luminous pearl nestled in the ancient town. Its design philosophy reflects the town's harmony with nature, inviting guests on a captivating exploration, seamlessly incorporating Nanxun's silk and brush elements.

From the warm and mysterious Entrance Lobby to the dynamic transformation of the Lobby Atrium into a stage celebrating the "Impression of Nanxun," and the unique design elements in areas like Reception, Lobby Bar, All-Day Dining, and the Banquet Hall, the hotel harmoniously integrates traditional and modern elements. The Guest Rooms, with their warm tones, fusion of classical and contemporary aesthetics, and playful family suites with a rotating slide, add a touch of elegance and delight, making Hilton Huzhou Nanxun a unique destination that embodies the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Nanxun.


 Qiu Xin


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