Chengtou Wuhan Emblem Sales Center, Hubei

Sales Center / Greater China / Studio HBA Shanghai & HBA Procurement Shanghai / Completed in 2022


The spatial relationship of the overall overhead lobby geometry continues the compositional sense of design, examines the details, polishes the spatial details and texture, and demonstrates a timeless modern design. Through the creation of spatial composition and details, reflecting the quality of space and high style, let people arrive at the future community in light and shadow, and start a new journey intertwined with expectations and hopes. The rhythm of changing lights and rotating pointers constitute an infinite exploration of one's vision, where the city's past and reality are intertwined in an artistic presentation of infinite time. The black, white and red of the space creates a strong contrasting visual effect. Striking and interesting artwork is implanted in the space. We hope that the red ceiling draws the sky light in, and the interior design combines with natural light to create more texture of light and shadow. The richness of nature itself is truly obtained, and the space seems to have life in the stillness.


 Vincent Wu


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