Yu Lei Restaurant at Okada, Manila

Restaurant / Philippines / HBA Manila / Completed in 2018


Yu Lei is quintessentially Chinese fine dining, where the stateliness of the interiors complements the world-class contemporary dining experience it provides.

Guests are welcomed with both grandeur and delight by the carved stone sculpture at the entrance that doubles as the reception counter and accentuated by the delicate crystal chandelier hanging above.

Beyond the reception area is the mesmerizing sculptural art glass installation that lines the walls of the hallway leading to the restaurant’s iconic flower-themed dining rooms. The equally reflective mirror-finished ceiling and polished stone floor add to the height of the otherwise narrow flow space.

Inspired by Philippine national flowers, the dining rooms are adorned with rich hues, warm metallic tones, floral sculptural glass pendants and organic patterns. The palette of rich textures and materials encapsulates the dining spaces transforming traditional Shanghainese and Chinese cuisine into intricate modern-day culinary marvels.


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