Hilton, Wenchang

Urban Hotel / China / HBA Singapore / Completed in 2015


Hilton Wenchang seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings with an open design to allow uninterrupted views of the lush environment and neighboring Qishui Bay. HBA took a modernist approach by way of the usage of scale, the progression from dense to transparent and the site orientation - designed into the site and not atop the surface. Using indigenous, authentic materials in their natural and honest state, HBA designers aimed to visually reward guests at the end of their journey and welcome them to this unique space. The masterpiece of the hotel is the oversize chandelier, which serves as the heart of the property. Ample seating is provided to meet the current need for community spaces in hotels where guests can work or socialize in an open environment. Darker materials were utilized to enhance the contrast with the exterior, which is lush and green.


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