Club Med Kiroro Grand, Hokkaido

Resort / Japan / Studio HBA Singapore / Completed in 2023


Club Med Kiroro Grand primarily targets family travelers, inspiring a design concept that blends elements of Japanese and Western fairy tales. The designer used the theme of a magical mountain adventure, incorporating numerous natural elements and vibrant colors to create a mysterious, intriguing, and exploratory living space.

Huge mushroom-shaped artistic chandeliers hang from the ceiling of the buffet restaurant, giving the dining area a romantic and dreamy ambiance. The shelves display a dazzling array of Japanese artistic kitchenware and utensils, enhancing the space's elegance and creating the atmosphere of a forest campfire picnic.

Many natural elements are integrated into the colorful interior spaces, providing a comfortable visual warmth that contrasts sharply with the icy snow outside. The mountain creatures in the hallways guide guests to cozy and elegant rooms. Here, Japanese style intertwines with whimsical features, breaking the boundaries of traditional mountain lodge design and offering guests a brand-new living experience.


 Club Med Kiroro Grand


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