Alley 50, Ho Chi Minh

Restaurant / Vietnam / HBA Singapore / Completed in 2018


The pursuit of pleasure and the art of self-indulgence. Earthly delights, come as you are, be who you want, feel the fantasy. Tactile, stylish sophisticated, engaging, visceral, animal. Allow yourself to be transported from the streets of Saigon, candlelight acts as a beacon, pulling you deeper into the alley.

Arrival, try and relax while the anticipation builds. Have your palette teased with a hint of what's to come. Wood screens veil a lush backdrop in an otherwise raw space.

Ascend, the anticipation continues as you climb the concrete staircase.

The fluorescent lights seem to flash in time with the music that is getting louder the closer you get to the top.

The show, take your seat and let our dj's transport you away from Saigon. The runways of Paris meet the dancefloors of New York and the paths that run through the rainforest. Rose gold lines trace the existing architecture framing an eclectic mix of furniture.

VIP, your private haven awaits you. Let your dedicated mixologist pamper you, fall into a luxurious banquette, enveloped in fantasyland luxury, with your own bespoke liquor cabinet front and centre.

Terrarium, private lounge located within the inverted Terrarium where we become the animal on display . Live birds, snakes, and exotic plants become a stunning backdrop.

Bird's nest, well-appointed rooms provide you with the space you need to primp your feathers and be ready to head back to the show. Feather-like textures in an artful installation surround you.


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